Graphs Show Who is Behind the False Ads

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Experts Confirm Measure 1 Won’t Impact IVF Patients or Doctors

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Bismarck—Physicians specializing in women’s health released a statement today confirming that Measure 1 will not impact In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures.

The experts note that North Dakota law does not prohibit IVF services. It is legal for IVF procedures to be performed in the state, and Measure 1 contains no language regulating IVF procedures.

“Unfortunately, opponents of Measure 1, which the North Dakota legislature placed on the ballot to protect the state’s common sense pro-life laws have tried to use scare tactics and lies about IVF in order to confuse voters because they don’t want to talk about the real issues,” said Janne Myrdal, chair of ND Choose Life.

“With this statement from respected physicians, North Dakotans will be able to read for themselves that Measure 1 won’t impact IVF patients or doctors,” added Myrdal.” “And folks across the state will be able to understand that common sense laws such parental notification before a minor daughter can have an abortion, and prohibiting abortions because the baby is the ‘wrong’ sex are at risk if Measure 1 fails to pass,” Myrdal concluded.

To read the full statement, go to ND IVF Whitepaper101614final

New from ND Choose Life: To North Dakota they Came

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New from ND Choose Life: Don’t Be Fooled

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State Health Care Providers Endorse Measure 1

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St. Alexius Medical Center is among the over 20 health care entities that has endorsed Measure 1.

Bismarck—Over twenty hospitals and nursing homes across North Dakota today announced their support for Measure 1, which protects the inalienable right to life of every human being.

“We are very pleased that major hospitals and health facilities that care for the elderly and who deal with end-of-life care issues on a daily basis are standing up to support Measure 1,” said Janne Myrdal, Chair of ND Choose Life. “They realize that our constitution should be clear that every citizen of our state, no matter their age or health, is entitled to have their inalienable right to life recognized and protected.”

A list of those hospitals and health facilities that have endorsed Measure 1 can be found here healthcare endorsees. They join fourteen experts in end-of-life care issues from the fields of law, aging and health care who have previously reported that Measure 1 will not impact end of life issues.

“The false ads on the air now making reckless claims about Measure 1 and end-of-life care are coming from the out-of-state abortion industry, which is funding the opposition campaign with over $1 million in abortion money,” Myrdal said. “They are lying in their ads. That’s why it’s so important that the health facilities and hospitals who know the truth have stood up and endorsed Measure 1.

Myrdal noted that a court ruling last year creating a virtually unlimited right to abortion could also be used to impose assisted suicide in North Dakota.

“Right next door in Montana, a judge used an abortion ruling like what’s happened here to create a constitutional right to helping kill someone. The last thing our frail elderly need at the end of life is someone who finds them to be a burden to pressure them into suicide. Measure 1 will protect that from happening,” she said.

USCCB Chairmen Express Grave Disappointment Toward Supreme Court’s Action

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October 6, 2014

WASHINGTON­­—The chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo, New York, and the chairman of the USCCB’s Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco, expressed serious disappointment at the October 6 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to consider current cases that strike down laws upholding marriage as between one man and one woman.
“Millions of Americans had looked to the Court with hope that these unjust judicial decisions might be reversed,” Bishop Malone and Archbishop Cordileone said. “The Supreme Court’s action fails to resolve immediately the injustice of marriage redefinition, and therefore should be of grave concern to our entire nation.”
Bishop Malone and Archbishop Cordileone’s full statement follows:
Upholding the inviolable dignity of every human person is a duty for all, and this duty entails the defense of the unique meaning of marriage as between one man and one woman.  The Supreme Court’s decision not to take up any of the cases striking down state laws reflecting the authentic meaning of marriage in five states is extremely disappointing and surprising. All of these state laws were democratically enacted, including most by the direct vote of large majorities within just the last decade. Millions of Americans had looked to the Court with hope that these unjust judicial decisions might be reversed. Instead, as a result of the Supreme Court’s action today, those decisions are allowed to take effect. Furthermore, marriage laws in six other states are now in jeopardy.
Marriage is and can only be between a man and a woman—a unique relationship in which the state has a vested interest. It is the only institution that unites a wife and a husband together for life and unites them to any children that come from their union. This truth presumes and supports the equal dignity of all people, especially of children whose right to a mother and a father deserves the utmost legal protection. The Supreme Court’s action fails to resolve immediately the injustice of marriage redefinition, and therefore should be of grave concern to our entire nation.
Globally, we are at a time of recognizing the decisive importance of marriage and the family when it comes to addressing challenges of poverty and serving the good of all. This is a time when marriage needs to be strengthened, not redefined. Our young people need encouragement to embrace the gift and responsibility of marriage as it truly is—a permanent, faithful, and fruitful gift of self between a man and a woman. May all of us continue to work to strengthen and protect marriage and stand for justice for all, especially children, who are the most vulnerable.

End-of-Life Care Ad Available as Bulletin Insert

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ND Choose Life, the broad-based campaign in support of Measure 1, ran full page ads in the Fargo Forum and Bismarck Tribune featuring comments from elder care experts who confirm that Measure 1 will not impact the ability of North Dakotans or their families to make health care decisions at the end-of-life.

The ad references a report by 14 experts in aging, law, health care and guardianship who have studied end-of-life issues and concluded that passage of the amendment will not impact health care decisions and end-of-life care in North Dakota.

A version of the ad is now available as a letter-size parish bulletin insert.

Color version

Greyscale version

* Title for identification purposes only. No organizational endorsement implied.

New Video: Measure 1 Will Not Impact IVF

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Measure 1 is About Respecting North Dakotans

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Measure 1 was placed on the ballot by a majority of North Dakota’s legislators to protect laws that we asked them to pass.  These laws protect unborn life, women’s health, and parental involvement, as well prevent taxpayer funding for abortion on demand.  These are laws the U.S. Supreme Court said we could enact.

But outside groups who disrespect the culture of life in North Dakota are trying to get a state court to say the North Dakota Constitution provides a virtually unlimited right to abortion that would strike down these common sense laws.

Want proof?  Out-of-state Planned Parenthood organizations – the nation’s largest abortion provider – is bankrolling the opposition to Measure 1, already dropping over a million dollars in the state.  95% of the contributions to the opposition came from Planned Parenthood. (By contrast, only 5% of the contributions to ND Choose Life came from out-of-state.)

Planned Parenthood Contributes Over $1 Million to Kill Measure 1 – 95% of All Contributions

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contribution chartsjpg.004Bismarck, ND – ND Choose Life, the broad-based coalition supporting passage of Measure 1 on the November ballot, today blasted Planned Parenthood for contributing over $1 million to defeat Measure 1 on the November ballot. Planned Parenthood groups, all of which are based out of state, contributed $1,059,400 – a stunning 95% of all contributions received by North Dakotans Against Measure 1, the group opposing  Measure 1. Contributions to kill Measure 1 were received from Planned Parenthood organizations in California, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, Montana, Vermont and Minnesota.

“The lights have now been turned on the campaign opposing Measure 1, proving that it’s not about made up issues like end-of-life care and IVF procedures, but rather about the out-of-state abortion industry coming into our state to impose their will on the people of North Dakota,” said Janne Myrdal, Chair of ND Choose Life. “Why are Planned Parenthood groups, including those from California, Illinois and Michigan, contributing 95% of the funds raised by our opponents? Because Measure 1 stops them from imposing an unlimited right to abortion under the state constitution.”contribution chartsjpg.005

ND Choose Life, the committee supporting Measure 1, reported raising $593,601, with all but $2,700 coming from donors in North Dakota. All told, NDAM1 raised $1,118,063 but only $57,013 in reported contributions (5%) came from North Dakotans. These figures include contributions listed on 48 hour reports also made public today.

“The campaign reports offer a telling story of Measure 1,” Myrdal said. “Measure 1 was put on the ballot by the legislature and nearly 100% of the funds supporting it come from North Dakotans. Meanwhile, nearly 100% of the funds opposing it come from out-of-state abortion groups. That tells you all you need to know. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, does not care one whit about North Dakota values or issues like end-of-life care or IVF. They care about abortion, and the more of them the better. They are fighting to uphold a court ruling that could eventually invalidate all the pro-life laws on the books in our state. Measure 1 stops them, which is why it’s so critical that voters pass it.”

Advertising reports from the Federal Communications Commission show that NDAM1 has booked television commercials beginning on Monday, spending nearly $500,000.

“North Dakotans should realize when they see the false charges about Measure 1 beginning on Monday, that this is all coming from the out-of-state abortion industry,” said Myrdal. “They are going to make all kinds of false claims that are designed to scare voters into opposing Measure 1 which is on the ballot to protect our existing laws. We hope that every time a North Dakotan sees one of the NDAM1 commercials they think ‘out of state abortion industry’ and change the channel.”

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And they don’t even have a clinic in our state!