Statement on Results for Measure 3

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right. As such, we must be ever-vigilant to ensure that this precious right is always protected and respected. The outcome of the vote on Measure 3 will not distract us from that task.

North Dakotans have, by and large, not recently witnessed blatant attempts to curtail their religious liberties. As such, many were unaware that North Dakota law provides very little protection for religious freedom.

One success of this campaign is that more North Dakotans now know what the legal experts concluded – North Dakota does not provide adequate protection for religious freedom. The massive amount of out-of- state money Planned Parenthood poured into the opposition campaign confirms that religious freedom in North Dakota is not safe and that there are well-organized and well-funded groups ready to take advantage of that situation.

We are, therefore, only at the start of a journey. We will not rest until religious freedom in North Dakota is protected in the law as a fundamental human right.

We look forward to working with all North Dakotans of good will, no matter what their faith, in this task and we call on everyone who claims to support religious freedom to join us.

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