Claims that Unreleased Letter Tells Catholics How to Vote are Irresponsible

Bismarck, North Dakota -Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference today released the following statement about claims that Bishop David Kagan has sent a letter for Catholics on voting.

“Reports that Bishop David Kagan of the Diocese Bismarck and apostolic administrator for the Diocese of Fargo has released a statement that tells Catholics how to vote in the upcoming election are premature and unfounded.

“An internal letter for the faithful has been sent to the priests, but it has been embargoed until it is released this weekend. As such, no representative of the church can comment on the contents of the letter. We can confirm, however, that the letter merely shares Catholic doctrine on political responsibility and does not mention any candidates or tell parishioners how to vote. It certainly does not violate any federal or state laws regarding churches and political activities.

“Because the letter is embargoed until this weekend and because no one can discuss the letter on behalf of the Bishop until then, it would be irresponsible and inappropriate for people to discuss the letter at this time. We ask that people act with respect, restraint, and civility by refraining from discussing the matter until after it is released.”

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