Conference Testifies in Defense of Religious Freedom

The North Dakota Catholic Conference today told the House Judiciary Committee that a bill that purports to merely protect constitutional rights actually restricts a person’s freedom to contract in accordance with religious beliefs.

For example, HB 1425 would interfere with the implementation of Catholic canon law and other religious laws.  It would also interfere with person’s right to have an  health care advance directive that reflects their religious wishes.

Proponents of the bill from the Center for Security Policy — an organization widely criticized by both conservative and liberal groups for its extreme anti-Muslim positions — attempted, but failed, to answer committee questions about how the bill could, on the one hand, be needed and, on the other hand, not change existing law.

Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference, explained to the committee that the bill does, in fact, interfere with religious and contractual rights and that any other interpretation of the bill would render it meaningless.

Read the conference’s testimony.

Contact the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to give the bill a Do Not Pass recommendation.

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