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Date: September 10, 2019

Catholic Conference Disappointed in Ruling, Applauds Legislators for Abortion Pill Reversal Law

Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference, issued the following statement on today’s decision enjoining the abortion pill reversal law.

Two facts are clear. One, women starting the chemical abortion process sometimes change their minds. Two, some of these women have successfully given birth to healthy babies after receiving the abortion “reversal” procedure. What exactly happens and what it should be called may not be clear, but North Dakota legislators rightly believed that women should know about the procedure before starting the abortion process.

Tragically, the abortion lobby co-opted the American Medical Association and used legal technicalities and medical complexities to deny women the right to know. We applaud the legislators who overwhelming supported HB 1336, Governor Burgum for signing the measure, the physicians who submitted testimony to the court in support of the law, and the Attorney General for defending women’s rights.

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