COVID-19 Micro

and your
health care directive

During the COVID-19 pandemic you may have difficulty getting your directive notarized or witnessed.* Do not let that stop you from completing the form.

  • If you are hospitalized, take the form with you, even if it is missing some signatures.

  • Some hospitals and clinics still have notary publics on site, even during these emergency times. Even if a notary public is not immediately available, hospitals will work with you to try to get your form officiated.

  • Even if it is missing some signatures, completing the form and discussing it with your loved ones and health care agent is important for you, your loved ones, and your health care provider.

  • Some companies offer online notarization for a fee. Two of these services are and These sites are mentioned for informational purposes. The North Dakota Catholic Conference does officially endorse these or any other similar service.

  • Bank tellers may be able to notarize documents through the bank's drive-through service.

Please contact the North Dakota Catholic Conference with any questions.
* In North Dakota, a health care directive signature must be either (1) notarized or (2) witnessed by two individuals. Neither the notary nor the witness may be: a person you designate as your agent or alternate agent; your spouse; a person related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption; a person entitled to inherit any part of your estate upon your death; or person who has, at the time of executing this document, any claim against your estate.