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Photo by Jeff Caruso

Photo by Jeff Caruso

The line to enter the White House grounds stretched around Connecticut Avenue. There were actually at least three lines, corresponding to different entry times.

Some state Catholic conference directors waiting in line.

The U.S., Papal, and District of Columbia flags.

Christopher Dodson in front of the White House.

Looking south. The people behind the fence had standing room only tickets.

The Color Guard gathering before the ceremony.

The Color Guard procession.

"Ruffles and Flourishes"

The Holy Father arrives.

The Holy Father is greeted by President and Mrs. Bush.

Pope Benedict XVI and President George W. Bush.
In the front row on the right are Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Dick Cheney, and First Lady Laura Bush. Although you cannot see her in the picture, Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon is next to Secretary Rice.

Pope Benedict XVI and President George W. Bush.

The Musical Troop in Review
The troop consisted of fife and drum players in march.

The Lord's Prayer was sung.

Remarks by President Bush.

Remarks by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

The crowd waved Papal and U.S. flags.

Following the official ceremony, the President and Holy Father ascended to the balcony to greet the crowd again. The band then led the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to the Pope.

The Pope applauded our singing.

State Catholic conference directors gathering together following the ceremony.

The ticket and program.