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UPDATE March 29, 2021 — The Senate changed the bill to a study and passed it out. The bill now goes to the House for it to decide whether to concur.

Yes on HB 1298 to Protect Fairness, Safety, and Dignity in Youth Sports

House Bill 1298
ensures fairness, safety, and dignity in youth sports by requiring that biological girls compete as girls and biological boys compete as boys.

Activist groups have spread a great deal of misinformation about this bill. It:

  • DOES NOT prohibit transgender students from participating in sports.

  • DOES NOT interfere with college-level athletics.

  • DOES NOT stop girls from playing on boys' teams, such as football.

  • DOES NOT mean that private athletic associations will boycott North Dakota (at least 11 states have similar policies and they have not been boycotted.)

Ask your senator to protect fairness in sports.

Who: State Senate

Where: Senate Message Center or contact them directly by phone or email.

Sample Message: Please vote Yes on HB 1298 to protect fairness and safety in sports. It's common sense.
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