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UPDATE: April, 2021 — It passed the Senate 35 to 12! Thank you for all the calls and emails.

Yes on HB 1503 - Protect Religious Freedom and Free Speech on College Campuses

Religious freedom and free speech are under attack on college campuses around the country, including right here in North Dakota. This is unacceptable. Please read the conference's testimony on this important bill.

HB 1503 provides much needed protection for students on the the state's college and university campuses. Your action is needed now to help protect these fundamental rights.

HB 1503 received a Do Not Pass recommendation from the Education Committee. Some of the committee members mistakenly claim that the bill is not needed. This is not true.

Some of the campuses in North Dakota have policies that punish student clubs that ask their leaders to agree with the club's missions or beliefs. Catholic clubs can't be Catholic. Pro-life clubs can't truly be pro-life. This must be fixed by state law.

Contact the Senate now. The bill will be placed on the calendar for April 1.

Who: State Senate

Where: Senate Message Center or contact them directly by phone or email.

Sample Message: Please vote Yes on HB 1503. The legislature needs to protect the religious and free speech rights of students.

Read the column about HB 1503.
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