January 28, 2015

TO: Senate Judiciary Committee
FROM: Stacey Pfliiger, Associate
SUBJ: Senate Bill 2219

Chairman Hogue and Members of the Committee, my name is Stacey Pfliiger and I am here on behalf of the North Dakota Catholic Conference. The North Dakota Catholic Conference supports SB 2219 and urges a do pass recommendation.

Fighting human trafficking will take a multi-faceted approach as outlined in SB 2219. That approach will include the following:
  • Victim Services
  • Data collection
  • Public Awareness Campaign including hotline numbers
  • Training for prevention, victim services, law enforcement investigations, and prosecution
Fighting human trafficking is an opportunity for local, state and tribal entities; government, nongovernment, or faith based; to find common ground to support and learn from each other while combating modern day slavery.

The North Dakota Catholic Conference urges a DO PASS recommendation on Senate Bill 2219.