About those Hearings of Interest in the E-Newsletters

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Each week during the session we list what upcoming hearings might be of interest to Catholics. Here are answers to some common questions about the list.

Why don’t you provide earlier notice of these hearings?

Schedules for the following week are not released until Thursday night and sometimes later. The soonest we can go through the calendar, create the list, and send it out is Friday or Saturday.

Why are so many of these hearings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?

Some committees meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and others meet on Thursday and Friday. It happens to be that the committees that most often address issues of concern to the Catholic Church, typically Human Services and Judiciary, meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Are these the priority bills for the North Dakota Catholic Conference?

No. They are bills that might relate to Catholic social teaching, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities, or Catholic healthcare facilities. Many bills are monitored to see how they develop.

Are these the only committee meetings of interest?

No. The appropriation committees may meet for days, even weeks, on an appropriation bill. They may not be listed.

Why are the titles so long and confusing?

Bills are given title descriptions that indicate to what subject or existing law they relate. In some cases, we try to simplify the descriptions for the e-newsletter list, but it is not always possible.

What are those words after the description, like “Pioneer” or “327C”?

Those are the committee rooms.
Download a meeting room map.

Where can I see all the scheduled committee hearings?

Go to the
Legislative Council hearing schedule page.
What We Do

The North Dakota Catholic Conference acts on behalf of the Roman Catholic bishops of North Dakota to respond to public policy issues of concern to the Catholic Church and to educate Catholics and the general public about Catholic social doctrine.
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