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Conference Expresses Disappointment with School Choice Veto

April 22, 2023

We are disappointed that Governor Doug Burgum chose to veto House Bill 1532 and delay giving North Dakota parents true school choice. Every parent has the right to choose the best educational setting for their children. Every child has a right to state-assisted education. Treating the two rights as mutually exclusive perpetuates an injustice. House Bill 1532 was a first step toward remedying that injustice.

While we disagree with the Governor’s final assessment about the details and timing of House Bill 1532, we applaud him for boldly calling for a comprehensive school choice system for North Dakota. We urge the Governor to start immediately working with legislators, the Department of Public Instruction, representatives of nonpublic schools, and parents to make school choice a reality in North Dakota.

Although school choice is delayed in North Dakota, we should not overlook the significance of House 1532. For the first time in the state’s history, the legislature sent a school choice bill to the governor. We thank Representative Claire Cory -- the bill's sponsor -- and the many parents across the state who made that possible.

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