Catholic Conference Responds to State Supreme Court Decision on "Trigger Ban"

March 16, 2023

Today’s opinion by the North Dakota Supreme Court finding a limited right to abortion in the state constitution poses new, but not insurmountable, tasks in the effort to make North Dakota a sanctuary for life. Thankfully, the court did not hold that there exists a right to elective abortions. It only held that the right exists in cases to save the life of the woman or to preserve her health.

Most of the concerns the court expressed about the “trigger law” are already addressed in Senate Bill 2150. We will work with legislators and others to reexamine Senate Bill 2150 to determine if the bill needs further amendments in light of the new opinion.

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The North Dakota Catholic Conference acts on behalf of the Roman Catholic bishops of North Dakota to respond to public policy issues of concern to the Catholic Church and to educate Catholics and the general public about Catholic social doctrine.
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